Sydney Welcomes Master Hirokazu Kanazawa and international competitors to SKIF World 2012


Sydney will play host to one of the great masters of karate at the 11th Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) World Championships. Founding Kancho (Chairman) Hirokazu Kanazawa is in town for this world championships before he takes on the role of Emeritus Kancho passing the baton to the next generation.


The best Australian and international Shotokan Karate athletes will compete in an action packed 3-day tournament at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, presided over by the legendary Kanazawa. At 81 years of age the Master is one of a few handful of living holders of the highest black belt rank in Shotokan karate, the10th dan.


The roles of Kancho and Chief Instructor will now fall on the shoulders of his two best students, Nobuaki Kanazawa – his eldest son, and Manabu Murakami, respectively. These masters-in-the-making have multiple world championships under their black belts and will be present at the Sydney tournament.


This is the very first time the SKIF World Championships has been held in Australia and fulfills Hirokazu Kanazawa’s dream to promote Shotokan Karate to all corners of the world. Past championship events have been held in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.


Kancho Kanazawa says, “I am very honoured to be presiding over the World Championships held for the first time in Sydney, Australia. I am very much looking forward to seeing the talents of the word’s best. It makes me very happy to see Shotokan Karate such a strong and vibrant force in this country with so many Australian karatekas competing.”


“On the occasion of this tournament, I will allow the young generation to take over and, for the remainder of my life, I intend to watch over the further growth and development of SKIF as Founder Kancho Emeritus,” he says.


The event will demonstrate the incredible talents of karate champions honed after many years of training, as well as acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and impact Master Kanazawa has had in the world of Shotokan karate. This is an amazing opportunity for spectators and the international community of Shotokan students to see the man who founded the SKIF.


In total, more than 800 competitors from over 50 countries will showcase their karate prowess during the tournament. Male and female competitors, ranging in age from 12 years and 80 years and above, will compete in over 60 events. Australia will be represented by some 80 competitors to battle it out with their international counterparts.


Found this article about Shotokan for anyone interested in the Traditional Martial Arts.


Over three days, spectators will watch a truly adrenalin-charged sport, demonstrating the speed, power and agility which is a trademark of Kanazawa’s brand of Shotokan karate.

This is an auspicious and must see event, made even better with the presence of one of sport’s legendary masters. Master Kanazawa’s lifetime’s study continues to inspire the generations of karate students. Today, the SKIF is represented in over 130 countries. To say Master Kanazawa has had a profound influence on the spread of Shotokan karate is an understatement.


The 11th Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) World Championships is taking place in Sydney’s Olympic Park Sports Centre from 19 – 24 November. Spectator tickets are available now for the 3 day tournament starting on 22 November. Tickets are available for booking and purchase at and at the door.


The 11th Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) World Championships is proudly supported by Destination NSW, featuring in the Sydney & NSW Events Calendar

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