Think Martial Arts Isn’t for You?

People tend to have one of two reactions when someone suggests taking a martial arts class. They either react with curiosity and genuine interest, or they laugh and shake their head, instantly dismissing the idea and marvelling at how daft it sounds.

Which group would you fall into?

If it’s the latter group, it might be worth wondering why you think that way. Do you get a picture of kids or muscled men taking part in martial arts classes and you don’t think you’d fit in? Maybe it’s too ‘aggressive’ for you. While the image of a martial arts class may well fall along those lines, it’s only a small part of what’s actually involved.

It doesn’t focus on the improvements you’re likely to notice in your mental wellbeing. It doesn’t focus on how calm and balanced you could feel within a few short weeks of starting your classes. It certainly doesn’t focus on how much better you’ll feel physically – more toned, more in balance and more in tune with yourself.

If you didn’t account for all that, you may want to ask yourself that all-important question again. Do you think martial arts isn’t for you? Or are you starting to see it has a lot more depth than you might have given it credit for?

The good news is you’re unlikely to find just one type of person in the average martial arts class. Sure, there are classes for kids and ones for adults. But within those groups all kinds of people make the decision to try a class for size. So you may find a much wider range of people attending a class than you’d think. All you have to do is try one. It could be the beginning of a whole new pastime with numerous rewards coming your way.

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