So Does Your Child Have A Successful Mindset?

Successful Mindset Through Martial Arts

How To Gain A Successful Mindset Through Martial Arts!

I'm going to tell a bit of a story, but stay with me and read it, as it will demonstrate the great mindset you can get for your child through Martial Arts!

It firstly started the other day when I finally realised that I'm not normal! Haha

I've been doing CrossFit for like 9 months or so now. It's a great new challenge now I don't compete in Martial Arts, and it helps keep me sane!

If you don't know what it is its basically exercise made into a sport, I love it. The Crossfit itself is irrelevant to the story but just so you know!

Anyway I'm not that young now, in terms of being able to compete at it and do well. I'm the grand old age of 33 now! and someone said something a couple of months ago in passing. Not even meant as an insult, but I took it that way!

They were talking to myself and someone else about the CrossFit Games. How none of us would ever make it there. Or even to regionals, as those guys are "super human" and we just don't have that in us. This was his thinking anyway!

Not really a shocking statement when you know the sport, its likely true, especially at the grand old age of 33! haha.

My initial feeling was, watch me, I'm a Champion Martial Artist!

I don't know if I will ever make a regionals as I don't know if I want to at the moment. But one things certain, If I really wanted to I could, so could many people for that matter.

I'm not saying I'm better than him or anyone else. Just that I know anyone can do anything with the right mindset. You see, I have a successful mindset through martial arts training!

You see, people have told me when I was a teen that I would likely never win a world championships or be able to make a living out of Martial Arts, But I have.

Anyway long story short with my competitiveness kicking in, ego and obsessive nature taking over I started training harder and entered the open.

Which is basically a big worldwide comp where if you place top 20 in your region you go to these regionals he said were out of reach for "us' mere mortals. hmmmm

Obviously I didn't get anywhere near it, But... after less than a year training only 3/4 times a week max, and in the main mens category along with all the young folk. I finished just inside in the top 14% in Europe Central and top 18% in the world. One workout I nearly broke into the 90th Centile.

Which I'm really happy with. I put it down to that successful mindset through martial arts training. Its nothing amazing really, a top competitor would laugh, but after about 8/9 months at the time its good.

Give me a few years of injury free climbing the ladder now Im training 5 days a week. You never know you may see me at regionals in the old sods category with a F You teeshirt aimed just at this one guy! Haha.

Many times in life you hear people group you together with them and make a statement that "we" could never do that.

People who have continuously done things they didnt think they could, and constantly achieved things others say they cant, don't have these limiting beliefs

Along with the mindset and character development that Martial Arts gives you. We don't have these same things hold us back!

We have developed a Successful Mindset Through Martial Arts training!

Don't get me wrong I'm human, I fail, often, and am far from perfect, but through it all I wont stop, I will get back up and carry on, regardless of other peoples opinions.

Martial Arts has taught me this and it can teach your child this too.

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