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Hi Guys,

Ive had to make some big decisions and subsequent changes to how I run the club and my personal training Leicester sessions. This is going to be a long one but bear with me and read the lot please! 🙂

I have been working 70 plus hours a week and doing far too many reduced prices which is leaving me in a state of burnout for far too little! Which is Crazy! I would like to offer every client a better service, take charge of nutrition issues, set targets for them, put them on proper plans and track success etc. I want you to see big changes and only want to deal with fully committed individuals. Im finding that due to a lack of time I’m not able to offer the full services id like to and some of you aren’t seeing the results you, and I, would like.

As a result I will now only be dealing with clients one to one if it is at the club to cut down on travel time and give more time to planning. I will start a timetable for PT sessions of 9am, 10am, 11am, and 12 on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, these are the only times available and Tuesdays and Thursdays will become session planning days. If you want any of these sessions on a regular basis please contact me and book in ASAP.

Lastly is the issue of underselling myself, most average PT’s with far less credentials than me are training people at £35 a session, theres lots of naff trainers out there that will sling you through an uninformed workout for £20-£30 if this is what you’re after I am no longer the right man!

So as of the week commencing Monday the 2nd Feb all PT sessions will be £35 and have to be in the slots I mentioned above. Any pre paid sessions lasting past this point I will be honouring and until then nothing will change these last 2 weeks. On the first week we will be taking measurements and setting goals, re evaluating where you are and how to move forward and I’d like to start dealing with peoples nutrition more or you wont see the results you want. We will re test regularly and everyone will work on some kind of progressive plan to achieve goals. I will be able to do this as i will have the time to plan and implement with the extra time!

What do you do?

Book a regular ongoing slot ASAP as theres not enough room for everyone only the serious!

If I currently go to your home you need to decide if you’re willing to travel to the club.

If you are coming through to me from another company you will have to decide if you want to come to me directly or contact the third party for another trainer.

Apologies, I know this is harsh, but I have to get sorted!

Avoid disappointment and book now by replying to this email with your name and time wanted. Time slots will be filled on a first come first served basis. Together lets make 2015 your year!

Personal Training Leicester with Mark Deacon


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