Martial Arts Word Body

Martial Arts World Body Run For The Fighters!

This was taken from Mushinkai Facebook page about the forming of the new Martial Arts World Body. Exciting Times Ahead! “After much deliberation and am sure everyone is aware we have now formed our own World Body……World Martialarts Organization …..WMO…….I can assure you that I will do my utmost to make sure we not only provide an excellent service and the normal high standards of Martial Arts that people expect…. But also will endeavour not to price people out of house and home just so they can compete….everything is run as a business but we are in the business of making it a memorable experience for all true martial artists…..I have fought for most Organisations I was even the World President of WKA (mat sports) who got the WKA back on its feet and made it along with my former friend a resounding success. With the team of people I have around me I can assure you that we will listen, take note and apply any and all things that can be improved in what we are about to take on……The thing we have learnt this week is that people do not come forward with complaints that is not what we want, how can things improve if people keep silent……To start the ball rolling we are having our British Championships on 15th February more details to follow ……ALFIE LEWIS……”

About the Author Mark Deacon

Owner and Chief Instructor of Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness in Oadby, Leicester.