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Deacons Martial Arts have great Martial Arts, Karate & Kickboxing classes for all ages and abilities. With our full time club being right near the boarder of Oadby & Wigston. We have been running now for over 12 years and have transformed the lives of thousands of locals in the Oadby and Wigston area. You can book a free class below and see if what we do is a great fit for you, we're confident it will be! So If you are looking for Martial Arts in Wigston and Oadby then check us out.

Why DMAF's Martial Arts classes in Oadby & Wigston

All of our martial arts programs come with free access to online professionally filmed tutorials! This helps our students improve even more! You can watch the Martial Arts Tutorials from your phone, iPad or tablet.

Our classes are very specific and this means more progress for you. DMAF have the following programs available;

Ninjas Martial Arts for 4-7 years - Loads of fun, make friends and learn valuable self defence skills.

Kids Martial Arts for 8-12 years - Discipline, Respect, Confidence and Resilience built in a fun environment.

Ladies Only Kickboxing - Our Kickboxing classes in Wigston & Oadby are great fun and with female instructors.

Mens Only Kickboxing - Great way to de stress while learning Martial Arts & making friends.

Mixed Adults Martial Arts - All the great benefits above in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Martial Arts helped me make a success of my life. For this I am so happy, and would like to pass this on to other people, through our great Martial Arts, Karate and Kickboxing classes.

If you'd like to see how our classes could benefit you, then check out our homepage. You can also book a free trial through the button below.

Typically we find that confidence and resilience starts to improve after just a few weeks. Theres children training with us now that have been here for a few years and are flourishing at home and in school. We also have adults who have transformed their health, both physical and mental in just a few short months.

So when you are looking for Martial Arts in Wigston, then give Deacons Martial Arts a try and see what we can do for you.

Book your free trial today to see how we can help you;

Martial Arts Wigston

DMAF Oadby & Wigston


Is Parking Available?

Yes, there is onsite and easy street parking available

What Public Transport is Available?

Hop on any bus that takes you to the Oadby Parade

Are kid classes available?

Yes, we offer two different kids classes. Click on a button to find out more about classes for your child 

Are Adult Classes Available?

Yes, click on a button below to find out more about both classes

Club Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30-9pm

Saturday 7:30am-2pm

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