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Developing Confidence in Children, so they progress into successful adults. Through the vehicle of Martial Arts in Lutterworth

Martial Arts Lutterworth - Want a confident and successful child?

Martial Arts Lutterworth

Worried about bullying and how to equip your kids with the ability to deal with it?

Kids Martial Arts

With Mental Health being a real issue right now are they prepared for the future?

Kids Kickboxing Lutterworth

Lacking Discipline and Respect? Our structured programs will help!

Lutterworth Martial Arts Academy

We Can Help You at Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth!

Our proven martial arts programs have already helped so may children in the Lutterworth area. We are easily accessible from all surrounding villages and have students come to us from; Broughton Astley, Rugby, Dunton Basset, Cosby, Countesthorpe, Blaby, Husbands Bosworth, North & South Kilworth, Burbage and lots more.

Designed to turn shy children into confident children. Who don’t get bullied, are assertive and strong. This helps them to become successful in their everyday lives.

You may just be looking for a local Martial arts club in Lutterworth, but we do so much more than just the physical training! Transformational life change is our aim, as a result of character development and increased confidence.

Training in Martial Arts, Karate and Kickboxing gave me the strength and resilience to go for what I wanted. Rather than where I was heading. I wanted to develop a system to help others to get life changing results too, and DMAF was born.

The DMAF Martial Arts system was born and I opened up Deacons Martial Arts. Which we are now opening in Lutterworth too!

Our Program is designed to develop peoples character traits, Resilience and confidence. So they can be the best they can be in life. We do this with structured training, aiming to work hard through barriers and achieve grades to enforce that hard work and resilience pays off.

We like to get to know every student personally and look to develop their individual strengths. More importantly we work on their weaknesses - not just physical, but mental. As a result, this leads to their confidence booming and weaknesses becoming strengths!

We have martial arts programs for all ages from 4-7 year olds in our DMAF Ninjas. We also have Kids classes for 8-12 years, adults 13+ and Ladies only as well as lots of other classes going on weekly! So if your looking for a Martial Arts club in Lutterworth for yourself or your child - Think DMAF!

What our clients say

Word Class Martial Arts, Karate And Kickboxing Classes, Giving Your Child A Big Boost Of Confidence In Lutterworth

We have a great age based programs and all programs are split into ability level classes. This means people can progress at a much better rate than in large mixed sessions as we can aim the teaching to the age and level we have. Therefore they tale more on and its more focussed. We have full time well equipped facilities. This means you have a great time in class while remaining safe! Providing a top class environment is very important to us. Fast paced, fun, and competitive. Our classes will give you a great workout and fun time while progressing. This means our students become fit, strong and healthy. While developing into champions in life too!

We are so proud of what have achieved with Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth!

The most important part for us is that we positively impact as many lives as possible. Our goal really is to produce success in life. It may sound cheesy, but we have seen how much we can impact people and this has now become our primary focus. So Our end goal is life long character development, not just technical teaching. We have this in mind with all our class planning. We are not here to just teach you moves, but to also change your lives for the better.

As well as this we have hundreds of professionally filmed instructional videos. These are all put into a course in our online training app and website. This helps to supplement what you do in your Martial Arts Classes, making it even more powerful! The app and site really are a great training aid and helps our students progress amazingly well. Every belt level and combination, kick and punch is broken down and explained in detail. Along with lots of how to fixes for common mistakes.

So finally, when you're thinking of joining a local Martial Arts club in the Lutterworth area then come try a free trial with us. You wont regret it.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love our program's, that if after 30 days you don’t think its for you, we will refund you every penny you’ve spent with us!

DMAF Martial Arts Lutterworth

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We travel from Broughton Astley and our son absolutely loves the classes with Mark and Charlene.

Couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. He's come on so much with his confidence and never gives up.

Jenna Pearson

My daughter started kids Kickboxing about a year ago and has gone from a shy kid into a superstar, she now stands up in class and stands up to bullies. We couldn't be prouder.

James Macher


My son isn't the sportiest kid and hates team sports. After a bad experience at another Martial Arts Club we were reluctant at first. But starting DMAF Lutterworth was just what he needed and he loves every session. He comes out beaming every day.

Maria Ferguson

Disclaimer - DMAF accepts no responsibility for any possible adverse effects. We cannot accept responsibility for any injury due to training in our sessions.

DMAF cannot guarantee results or any claims made on our site, for example: We know that often confidence will increase but cannot guarantee this for every participant.

DMAF are recognised through the leading government body MAGB