Deacons Martial Arts in Leicester are holding their next grading in two weeks, with lots of new grades expected we wish all our grading candidates good luck. With our excellent range of classes and great students we are expecting loads of new grades in our martial arts classes.

We are going back to basics and really trying to improve standards across the board when it comes to basics. As you may have seen in class we are being very particular about all the little things that don’t normally get picked up on. Hip position, foot position, target area, effort, speed, power, attitude and more, they are all taken into account when marking a particular technique or combo for gradings. So when practicing make sure that you really take care to look at every little part of what your attempting! If unsure make sure you get to the pre grading class check and if in doubt book a private session with you’re instructor.

Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial Arts and Kickboxing classes

As usual after the grading in all the kids classes we will have a fun class to help the kids de stress and relax after the stress of working towards a grading. We always do this to keep the kids motivated to come to class and motivated when working towards their Martial Arts and Kickboxing Gradings.

DMAF have now been running about 3 and a half years and have seen such great success. We have grown into one of the largest clubs in the city and built up a great reputation in the local community. With our age specific Martial Arts and Kickboxing classes we offer great specific training for all ages and levels. We also take part in regular competitions and hold lots of events throughout the year so can offer so much more than a regular class would.

For more information or to try a class out give us a call on 07557782275 or check out out contact page for details.


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