Martial Arts for 4 Year Olds

It might sound unlikely, but in reality there are many kids who come to our Little Ninjas martial arts classes each week who are of this age. These classes focus on teaching the basics of martial arts to kids between the ages of four and seven.

You might wonder whether this is really a good idea at first. The classes are however very different from those aimed at adults. We see significant changes – all for the better – in the children who take part in these classes.

Both physical and mental attributes are targeted in these classes and many of the kids’ exhibit great improvements in all areas. It gives them a sharp focus and something to look forward to. Not only will they meet other kids of a similar age, they will also learn how to become more confident and more disciplined in the way they act and behave.

This tends to have a knock-on effect on how they approach their school years. And when they get too old to take part in this class, they have the option of switching up to another one too. This means they will always receive the very best training they need at whatever age they happen to be.

Parent input is important with these classes as well. It’s not a case of us organising the class and imposing it on the kids with no feedback from parents. If we can possibly make any further improvements to the class, or simply adjust the way we do things a little, we’ll do it. Our aim is always to give the kids the best outcome they can get from our classes.

Kids might be nervous when they attend their first class. But most of the time they start to look forward to it very quickly indeed!

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