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Martial Arts Broughton Astley - DMAF Lutterworth

At Deacons Martial Arts we have great Martial Arts, Karate & Kickboxing classes for all ages and abilities. With 2 full time clubs, one in Lutterworth and one in Oadby, we offer classes to the whole of south Leicestershire. Our Lutterworth club is less than a 10 minute drive from Broughton Astley, located just off the main Lutterworth road. Check out our programs and what we offer on our homepage. Or if you are ready to book a class in one of our programs then hit the book now button below.

Why DMAF's Martial Arts Classes, near Broughton Astley?

All of our martial arts programs are a great, modern mix, of Karate & Kickboxing. All programs come with free access to our online professionally shot tutorials! This helps our students improve even more! You can watch the Martial Arts Tutorials from your phone, iPad or tablet.

Our classes are very specific and this means more progress for you. DMAF have the following programs available;

DMAF Ninjas Martial Arts for 4-7 years

DMAF Kids Martial Arts for 8-12 years

Ladies Only Kickboxing

Mens Only Kickboxing

Mixed Adults Kickboxing

Martial Arts helped me make a success of my life. For this I am so happy, and would like to pass this on to other children, through our great Karate & Kickboxing classes.

If you'd like to see how our classes could benefit you, then check out our homepage. You can also book a free trial in on the button below.

Typically we find that confidence and resilience starts to improve after just a few weeks. Theres children training with us now that have been here for a few years and are flourishing at home and in school. We also have adults who have transformed their health, both physical and mental in just a few short months.

So when you are looking for Martial Arts near Broughton Astley, then give Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth a try and see what we can do for you.

Book your free trial today to see how we can help you;

Broughton Astley - Deacons Martial Arts Academy Lutterworth

Our Address;

Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth

Unit 7 Cosford Business Park

Central Park


LE17 4QU

DMAF Lutterworth


Is Parking Available?

Yes, there is onsite and easy street parking available

What Public Transport is Available?

Our Lutterworth club is easily accessible by Bus 84

Are kid classes available?

Yes, we offer two different kids classes. Click on a button to find out more about classes for your child 

Are Adult Classes Available?

Yes, click on a button below to find out more about both classes

Club Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30-8:30pm

Saturday 9am-12pm

Here's why Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth, near Broughton Astley, should be on your radar!

Physical Fitness and Stamina:

Martial arts & Karate classes are a dynamic blend of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility. Engaging in routines that include kicks, punches, and various forms of strikes, participants can expect to see improvements in their endurance, strength, and overall fitness levels. Whether it's kickboxing, karate, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Martial Arts in Broughton Astley offers a range of disciplines that cater to diverse fitness goals.

2. Self-Discipline and Focus:

A fundamental aspect of martial arts is the cultivation of self-discipline and focus. Through repetitive training, practitioners learn the importance of perseverance, punctuality, and consistency. The ability to focus on mastering techniques and routines not only translates to the dojo but also permeates into daily life, leading to improved productivity and better time management.

3. Mental Clarity and Stress Relief:

Martial arts are not just about physical prowess; they also emphasise mental clarity and stress relief. The concentration required during training helps to clear the mind of external stressors, promoting mental well-being. Breathing exercises and meditation techniques often integrated into classes offer tools that can be employed to manage stress and maintain emotional equilibrium.

4. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem:

As students progress in their martial arts journey, they often experience boosts in self-confidence and self-esteem. Achieving milestones, mastering techniques, and overcoming challenges in a supportive environment instil a sense of accomplishment that extends beyond the dojo walls. These feelings of empowerment positively influence various aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional pursuits.

5. Self-Defense Skills:

One of the most practical benefits of Karate, Kickboxing & martial arts training, is the acquisition of self-defense skills. In today's world, knowing how to protect oneself is invaluable. Deacon Martial Arts is here to help people in Lutterworth & Broughton Astley. With techniques that could potentially make a difference in dangerous situations, promoting personal safety and security.

6. Social Interaction and Community:

Martial arts classes foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie among participants. The shared goals and challenges create a supportive environment where individuals forge lasting friendships and connections. Engaging in group training sessions encourages teamwork, mutual encouragement, and a sense of belonging.

7. Improved Posture and Balance:

Many martial arts disciplines emphasise proper body alignment, balance, and posture. Consistent practice helps improve muscle tone and coordination, leading to better overall posture and body awareness. These physical benefits contribute to a more confident and poised presence in daily life.

So if you are ready to unlock your potential, get yourself booked in for a trial class today.

Martial Arts Broughton Astley

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