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Book a free trial of our Ladies Kickboxing classes in Oadby, Leicester now. We have both online and in person sessions available as well as our full syllabus on demand 24/7. We have our full time facility in Oadby, Leicester as well as our new Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth Academy where we run the same program from.

Ladies Kickboxing Leicester

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Our Ladies Kickboxing Classes are a great way to keep fit, learn a new skill and improve confidence, plus you get the chance to hit things! So if you're looking for Ladies Kickboxing in Leicester look no further.

If you want to train from home online as you aren't ready to join in person we have just the thing! Online Courses through our great members app tutorials and live sessions on zoom! We started this up during the start of the Corona Lockdown and have decided to continue it going forwards as it was such a success! Just message us to enrol or continue reading for our face to face classes.

We are currently offering a week free trial in our new Ladies Kickboxing classes then if you want to join its only £59 for 6 weeks and includes a pair of boxing gloves! Its all you need to get started and be rocking in just a few weeks.

So what do you get with our Ladies Kickboxing In Leicester?

With our ladies kickboxing classes you will get the following;

  • Supportive female instructors and a place where you can make new friends
  • Great workouts to help you stay fit, healthy, flexible and feeling good
  • Welcoming and supportive atmosphere with no judgement. All the ladies are great, just like you
  • An amazing de stress, theres nothing better than hitting things, especially after a long day!
  • Healthier bones, lower cholesterol, less stress and some kick ass moves to go with it!
  • More confidence and piece of mind to deal with any potential situations that might arise
Ladies Kickboxing Leicester

Whats a typical ladies kickboxing class like?

Well for starters don't worry you wont be punching and kicking each other! If that's what you want we do have separate sparring classes where we teach people that stuff but not in the normal ladies classes.

A typical Ladies Kickboxing class would involve a great warm up and workout that varies each week to keep it fun and engaging. Before moving into a having a good stretch to make sure you're ready to rock. After a good stretch we start to teach you the kickboxing techniques and our classes are specifically designed for Ladies rather than generically taught the same way to infants, kids and other adults.

Every one of our classes are specifically designed because we continuously survey members to see what it is they want to achieve from our classes, what they like and what they don't. With this information we can tweak the sessions to best serve our students.

So for the Ladies Kickboxing class its more fun, more fitness, a good dose of self defence and de stressing by hitting the bags/pads. Oh and don't forget the social side, we always have a good laugh and theres no egos with us here at Deacons Martial Arts.

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I'm a mum, not fit or flexible and haven't done anything like Kickboxing before!

Its crazy but that must be the most common thing I get asked! Along with will we be hitting each other in class?

1st up no you wont be hitting each other, you'll be getting fit and learning some great moves. If this is something you want then we do have separate sparring classes but it isn't compulsory.

Most of the ladies who come to our kickboxing classes havent done anything before when they join. 50-60% of the ladies are parents between 30-60. The rest of the ladies are often teens and early 20s who don't feel comfortable in the mixed adults sessions. So its a great inclusive and supportive atmosphere! As a bi-product of the class you get fit, healthy and more flexible. it isn't a pre requisite, its a result of the class.

We appreciate most of you Leicester Ladies may be apprehensive joining a Ladies Kickboxing Class but theres nothing to worry about. We have great instructors and students who will make you feel welcome in class and help you with anything you struggle with. Therefore you'll be flying in in only a few weeks as will your confidence.

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Why kickboxing and not a different martial art?

Well of course theres lots of different martial arts you could try out, and we suggest you do!

From Kickboxing to more traditional arts or even MMA, they all have something different to offer.

Theres so many theres literally a martial art to suit everyone!

Our Ladies Kickboxing classes, like we said, are designed to give our students what they want;

A good workout, health, flexibility, a good way to keep fit and a good dollop of self defence and fun. When surveyed fitness/health came up as most important for our members along with self defence, we realised our ladies maybe had different expectations of their outcome vs say a teenage lad or our little ninjas 4-7 years sessions.

The kids are all about confidence, discipline, respect and helping them develop into successful adults. For the ladies they just wanted a good workout, maybe to lose some pounds and get more healthy and flexible. Alongside getting the confidence to deal with any potential confrontations that may arise.

So this is what our ladies only kickboxing program is all about and it's what is at the heart of the programming.

If your not looking for somehtign liek this please still get in contcat and we can direct you to something that may suit. We know clubs that are great at MMA or simply at street self defence like Krav Maga or even a more traditional are. We are always happy to point you in the right direction.

What other martial arts and kickboxing programs do you offer?

We have our specially designed DMAF Ninjas for 4-7 years and our DMAF Kids for 8-12 Years. Here we help develop kids confidence and resilience along with teaching them to protect themselves and move through the belt syllabus to that coveted Black Belt! These sessions are designed very heavily on character development and helping to develop kids into successful adults.

We also have our mixed adults classes which are similar to our ladies but mixed. Most importantly I teach these sessions and I'm a legend! So you get great instruction along with some singing and dancing too! haha

So if you're looking for Martial Arts in Leicester then check out the main page.

Do you think your chldren would also benefit from martial arts classes? Then check out what we can offer the kids here.

About the Author Mark Deacon

Owner and Chief Instructor of Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness in Oadby, Leicester.