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Kids classes in Lutterworth & Oadby
DMAF Ninja Kids Classes 4-7 Years

Thinking about Kickboxing Classes for your kids? 

Stepping into a kids kickboxing class can be daunting for any kid, especially one that's shy and lacks confidence. But don't worry, DMAF Martial Arts Instructors are specially trained in working with young kids so your know your child is in safe hands

Benefits of Kickboxing for Kids...

Here are just some of the benefits your kid will enjoy with regular Kickboxing and Martial Arts lessons:

  • Your child will develop natural confidence and learn some self-defence skills so they know how to handle bullies more effectively
  • Your child will socialise more easily with other kids
  • Your child's will learn how to control their anger and frustration more effectively
  • Your child has an outlet to burn off excess energy that can sometimes drive parents mad
  • Your child will learn respect for themselves and others, including you
  • Your child will become fitter and more flexible
  • Your child will become more focused and resilient at school

DMAF Martial Arts Leicester

2 world class family friendly venues

DMAF Lutterworth

We offer kids Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Lutterworth. Check out our newest location and class times here...

DMAF Martial Arts and Fitness Kids Classes

DMAF Oadby

We offer kids Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Oadby. Check it out - it's an awesome place to learn martial arts...

DMAF Oadby Ninja Kids Martial Arts Class

Why Choose Us?

DMAF Kids Kickboxing Classes Leicester

Your child is in safe hands and will have lots of fun with other kids of the same age. And don't worry, we've got parents covered too. DMAF is a family friendly social club - we provide fun for the whole family!

DMAF Ninja Kids


We look after your kids like they're our own...

DMAF Ninja Kids Classes 4-7 Years


8-12 YEARS

Watch your child's confidence grow...

DMAF Kids 8-12 Years Martial Arts Classes

Why choose DMAF Leicester for your kids?

  • We offer a welcoming family friendly atmosphere
  • Your child gets to learn with the best, most supportive kids kickboxing instructors in Leicester
  • We offer kids classes for 2 different age groups
  • Our clubs are clean, spacious and set up for kids 
  • DMAF offers a warm hearted social environment - it's a great place to make new friends
  • DMAF makes parents feel like part of the family too!

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There's only 1 way to find out if DMAF Karate and Martial Arts classes are right for your kids. So why not try a FREE class on us...

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