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Kickboxing Leicester

DMAF Kickboxing Classes are a great way to increase your fitness, learn new skills and improve your confidence. Plus you get the chance to kick and hit things - it's a great way to de-stress! 

DMAF Kickboxing Leicester Clubs

2 world class family friendly venues

DMAF Lutterworth

We offer kids, ladies and mixed adult kickboxing classes at Lutterworth. Check out our newest location and class times here...

DMAF Martial Arts and Fitness Kids Classes

DMAF Oadby

We offer kids, ladies and adult kickboxing classes at Oadby. Check it out - it's an awesome place to learn martial arts...

DMAF Adults Mixed Martial Arts Class

Why choose DMAF Leicester to learn kickboxing?

  • We offer a welcoming and supportive atmosphere with no judgement
  • You get to learn with the best, most supportive instructors in Leicester
  • We offer kickboxing classes for all ages and levels
  • Our classes are designed for different skill levels so you don't feel pressured  
  • DMAF offers a warm family friendly environment - it's a great place to make new friends
  • DMAF kickboxing classes are constantly refined to include student feedback
  • DMAF offers a 24x7 app that students can use to practice new techniques at home 
  • DMAF offers over 30 classes Monday - Saturday with times to suit everyone 
  • DMAF offers kids kickboxing classes, ladies kickboxing classes and mixed adult kickboxing classes 
  • DMAF offers full progression to Black Belt and Instructor level
  • DMAF offers a 6 week kickboxing program for beginners
  • DMAF offers beginners and advanced sparring classes

Is Kickboxing the Best Martial Arts to Learn?

There are many physical and mental health benefits from kickboxing and you don't need to be super fit or flexible to get started. If you're looking for one sport that ticks all the boxes kickboxing could be perfect for you. Here's some of the benefits:

  • Elevate Your Health: Enhancing Flexibility and Beyond
    Our kickboxing classes are more than just a workout; They're a gateway to better health. Kickboxing targets various muscle groups, promoting overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. As you engage in our classes, you'll experience heightened flexibility that translates to improved mobility and reduced injury risks.
  • Stress Relief and Weight Management: Infuse Fun into Fitness 
    Balancing the demands of life in Leicester calls for effective stress management and a fitness routine that engages both body and mind. Our kickboxing classes offer an exhilarating way to release stress and tension, leaving you feeling invigorated after each session. Beyond stress relief, kickboxing burns calories, aiding in weight management and providing a thrilling workout experience.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Empowerment through Martial Arts 
    Confidence is a trait that permeates all aspects of life. Through kickboxing, you'll develop newfound self-assuredness that extends beyond the dojo. The skills you acquire will empower you to handle potential confrontations with confidence and poise, equipping you with essential life skills that transcend the training mat.
  • Cultivate Lasting Connections: Bonds in a Supportive Environment 
    At Deacons Martial Arts, we understand the value of camaraderie in fitness. Our kickboxing classes offer an inclusive environment where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, fostering friendships that transcend the training floor. Forge meaningful connections as you train together, creating a positive and motivating atmosphere that enriches your martial arts journey.
  • Sharpen Focus and Mindfulness: Mental Clarity Through Martial Arts 
    Kickboxing is a discipline that requires a blend of physical prowess and mental acuity. As you master techniques and refine your skills, you'll experience heightened focus and clarity. This mental enhancement extends to your daily life, enabling you to navigate challenges with a clear mind and a sense of purpose.
  • Manage Emotions Constructively: Harnessing Energy
    Managing emotions is essential for overall well-being. Kickboxing serves as a constructive outlet for releasing pent-up emotions like stress, anger, and frustration. Our classes provide a safe space to channel your energy, leaving you feeling emotionally balanced and rejuvenated, regardless of age or gender.
  • Improve Sleep Quality: Vital for Wellness 
    Quality sleep is paramount for both physical and mental wellness. The rigorous workout in kickboxing, combined with the mental relaxation it offers, contributes to better sleep patterns. Improved sleep enhances hormone regulation and supports weight management efforts, benefitting individuals of all ages and genders.

Unlock Your Potential at Deacons Martial Arts

Discover the transformative power of kickboxing classes at Deacons Martial Arts in Leicester. Where people of all backgrounds and ages can experience the benefits of this dynamic martial art. Embrace the amazing advantages that kickboxing offers, from improved health and confidence, to mental clarity and emotional well-being. Join us today to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and martial arts excellence.

Kickboxing & Self-Defence

Another great benefit of DMAF Kickboxing Leicester classes is increased confidence in knowing how to handle confrontation and bullying - at school, work and even in your own home...

We live in an age where it's just common sense to teach yourself and your kids the basics of self-defence!

DMAF Ladies Kickboxing Leicester Customer Review

Transformation in EVERY SENSE!

Not just a case of looking better and thinner thanks to the transformation challenge, but feel better mentally and also thanks to the kickboxing classes I can safely say as a survivor of domestic violence - I will never be intimidated again! The best thing I ever did was join DMAF! 

Sonal Gadhia

DMAF Kickboxing Instructors are World Class

DMAF Founder and Chief Instructor, Mark Deacon won the WKA Kickboxing Championship in 2008. Mark is living proof of the amazing benefits anyone can enjoy with a regular kickboxing practice. Find out more about Mark's story here...

Mark Deacon Martial Arts WKO Champion Award

Are you a worried parent?

Leicester kids live in a world where bullying isn't just in the playground. It's on the way home from school and on the sports field too. And us parents can't have 'eyes-on' every minute of the day!

DMAF Kickboxing Leicester can teach your kid to be more confident giving parents greater 'peace of mind'!

Here's what other parents say...

Children's Confidence Leicester

DMAF Has Improved My Child's Confidence Massively

Since doing Martial Arts and Sparring with Mark I have noticed that he is far more focused, less distracted and more confident. I would thoroughly recommend DMAF to any parent who would like to help with their child's confidence, strength and physical ability x 

Teena Tailor

Is DMAF Kickboxing Classes Leicester ideal for you?

Kickboxing Leicester

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Whether it's for yourself, your kids or both, the best way to find out is to try it. So why not try a FREE class on us...

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