Kickboxing: Competing Against You

Your first kickboxing class will be an eye-opener. There is really no other way to put it. You’ll have fun, you’ll probably ache afterwards but you’ll find yourself ticking off the days until the next class comes around.

When you join a class for the first time it’s easy to compare what you can do to what everyone else in that class can do. Even if everyone is a true beginner, there could be some who naturally pick it up easier than others.

Does it matter if you’re not one of them? Absolutely not!

If there is one thing you should always remember when attending a kickboxing class it’s this: You are only ever going up against yourself. You start with a certain level of knowledge and you’ll try and better that by the end of each class. Some weeks you’ll do better than others. Some weeks you may not think you’ve achieved much at all.

It’s easy to look at other people in the same class and compare yourself to them. But everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. You could be better at one skill than another, just as someone else is.

So when you go to your first kickboxing class and to each subsequent one, remember you are the only person you are trying to beat. You will get better over time and you’ll be ready to achieve more in the future as well. The more you learn and develop your skills and fitness, the less you will compare yourself to others as well. Other people are there to make progress on their own individual journeys, just as you are on yours. Yet it’s only your journey you should really be interested in, because that’s the one that will bring results for you.

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