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Karate Leicester - At Deacons Martial Arts Leicester we teach a combination of Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing along with some elements of other arts. We have a modern system designed to help people improve their confidence, have fun, and ultimately transform their lives with our Martial Arts classes. So if you're looking for Karate in Leicester, check out our video below and read on. If you're closer to Lutterworth then check out our Lutterworth Karate Academy.

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Karate In Leicester, What Styles Best?

Well the answer to that is very individual. Some love the traditional old school set up, some prefer a more modern system. Theres many forms of each too so it can be confusing! My advice would be to try a few. We're confident in what we do so actively suggest you try a few. If were a good fit then great!

I'm Mark Deacon, owner and chief instructor at DMAF. I was taught Freestyle Karate in Leicester and have done many other systems over the years too. What we teach at DMAF is designed to be the best of the old school and newer sport systems. The syllabus is designed to have the highest quality technique and standards without some of what many dislike about the traditional systems. We do pad work rather than Kata and place a huge emphasis on physical fitness, health and character development.

Karate Leicester

What Karate programs do you offer in Oadby, Leicester?

We have our DMAF Ninjas 4-7 Years Program, Our DMAF Kids 8-12 Years Program, Adults 13+ and Ladies Only Kickboxing.

All our classes are age and ability specific. Therefore we can guarantee the best progression possible. This is because all teaching can be geared up to teach each group to the best of our ability. Already done Karate Classes in Leicester? No problem we can put you into one of our intermediate or advanced classes so you can pick right up where you left off.

We are very proud of the martial arts and karate classes we have here at DMAF and of our full time venue.

Want to book a free trial with us and see what we do?

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Want to know about our team of Karate Instructors?

First of all is myself! Mark Deacon, I have been training for 20 years now and teaching for 17 years. DMAF was launched 8 years ago when I realised I also had a passion to pass on my knowledge. As a result of my passion and hard work I have been lucky enough to win British and World titles. My greatest achievement was in 2008 when I won the WKA world championships in Disneyland Florida, in the mens under 85kg points fighting. Also I am a Level 3 Personal trainer and a PN L1 nutrition coach. With a background working in fitness clubs, I also love Crossfit and like to compete in that when ever I can. Therefore I bring a wealth of competitive, fitness and nutrition experience to the table. Although my biggest love is teaching kids, seeing them progress and generally having a good laugh with them.

Celset Currie is our second in command! With years of teaching swimming and golf she brings a wealth of expertise to our Karate Classes in Oadby, Leicester. A former golf pro she is no stranger to hard work and dedication. So it should come as no surprise that she flew through the belts and got her black belt in only 4 years! to put that into context, at our club, with our standards, it would usually take up to 10 years! As fierce and hard working as she is small! haha. Celeste also has a PN L2 certification in Nutrition Coaching and is also a level 3 personal trainer.

About the Author Mark Deacon

Owner and Chief Instructor of Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness in Oadby, Leicester.