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DMAF Classes in Lutterworth & Oadby
DMAF Martial Arts and Fitness Classes for Kids

We teach a combination of Freestyle Karate, kickboxing and elements of other arts. Our modern system is designed to help adults and kids improve their confidence, learn self-defence and have fun

DMAF Karate classes in Leicester give students the best of the old school and newer systems in one...

The DMAF syllabus is designed to teach the highest quality technique and standards. Our mixed martial arts system replaces Kata with pad work. We place a bigger emphasis on physical fitness, overall health and character development too...

DMAF Karate Leicester Clubs

2 world class family friendly venues

DMAF Lutterworth

We offer kids, ladies and mixed adult karate & mixed Martial Arts classes in Lutterworth. Check out our newest location and class times here...

DMAF Ninja Kids Classes 4-7 Years

DMAF Oadby

We offer kids, ladies and mixed adult karate & mixed Martial Arts classes in Oadby. Check it out - it's an awesome place to learn martial arts...

DMAF Karate Leicester

Why choose DMAF Leicester to learn karate & martial arts?

  • Our dojo provides a warm and inclusive environment where judgment has no place. This means that every student who walks through our doors at Deacons Martial Arts in Leicester can experience a sense of belonging and acceptance. 
  • Start on your learning journey with the finest and most encouraging karate & martial arts instructors in Leicester. This means that at Deacons Martial Arts, you'll have the privilege of being guided by experienced professionals who are not only experts in their field but also deeply committed to your growth.
  • We provide comprehensive karate and martial arts classes suitable for all skill levels. This offering translates to an inclusive environment at Deacons Martial Arts, where individuals of varying expertise levels can find their perfect fit.
  • Our karate and mixed martial arts classes are great for all shapes and sizes.
  • DMAF offers a warm hearted social environment - it's a great place to make new friends. This will help you meet your goals and progress with likeminded people.
  • DMAF karate and martial arts classes are constantly refined to include student feedback.
  • DMAF offers a 24x7 app that students can use to practice new techniques at home. Helping your Karate progress in class from the comfort of your own home.
  • DMAF offers a full grading program through to Black Belt and Instructor level.

DMAF Kids Karate & Kickboxing Programs

DMAF Ninja Kids


We look after your kids like they're our own...

DMAF Ninja Kids Classes 4-7 Years


8-12 YEARS

Watch your child's confidence grow...

DMAF Kids 8-12 Years Martial Arts Classes

DMAF Adult Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Programs

Adult Ladies Classes

Over 13 years

Develop skills and confidence to be your best self...

DMAF Karate Classes Leicester

Adult Mixed Classes

Over 13 years

Watch your confidence, resilience and fitness grow...

DMAF Adult Karate Classes Leicester

DMAF Karate, Kickboxing Martial Arts Instructors are World Class

DMAF Founder and Chief Instructor, Mark Deacon won the WKA Kickboxing Championship in 2008. Mark is living proof of the amazing benefits anyone can enjoy with a regular martial arts practice. Find out more about Mark's story here...

Mark Deacon Martial Arts WKO Champion Award

DMAF Martial Arts Program

A modern mix of kickboxing & freestyle karate

Is DMAF Karate Leicester the right club for you?

Kickboxing Leicester

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Whether it's for yourself, your kids or both, the best way to find out is to try it. So why not try a FREE class on us...

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