Martial Arts Training Packages at Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness

Helping People Succeed with Martial Arts Training!

We help people wanting to take up martial arts training for specific reason’s like improving confidence, fitness, self esteem, to stop bullying, make friends etc. If your looking to join us please let us know the main reason/reasons so we can help you specifically where we can.

Below are the Martial Art Training packages we offer at DMAF. We find people succeed and progress well training multiple times per week so the more training sessions your able to make the better.


  • Unlimited Training at DMAF
  • Free Professional Online Tutorial Access

£49 per month


  • Unlimited Training at DMAF
  • Free Professional Online Tutorial Access
  • A weekly one to one session with one of our instructors

£149 per month


  • One session a week at DMAF
  • Free Professional Online tutorial access

(it may take longer between grades training once per week)

£28 per month

Grab Your Free Week Unlimited Training now while we’re still taking on new students!

Martial Arts Training Packages Explained:

​Our Silver Package is our most used and the package we would recommend. With this you can accesses unlimited classes and the online training videos to therefore support your training with us. People on this package progress better than those only training once a week, and can expect to see huge improvements in as little as weeks.

Our Gold Package is the ultimate! Those doing this excel in all aspects. As with silver but with additional one to one sessions for specific support where needed. These students therefore really do transform in such a short space of time.

With our Bronze package its a great start to your Martial Arts Training. You can access our online video tutorials and a class a week. As you develop a love for the training and progress you can then upgrade in time.

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