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Kickboxing Wigston

Deacons Martial Arts run great Kickboxing classes in the Oadby and Wigston area out of our full time facility on Selbury Drive. We have world class coaches who are trained to get the best out of all of our students. We love transforming lives with what we do and have helped thousands of locals in the Oadby and Wigston area become fitter, more confident and learn some great self defence. If you'd like to book a free trial class and see if its for you then hit the button and book below.

Why choose DMAF Oadby & Wigston to learn kickboxing?

  • We offer a welcoming and supportive atmosphere with no judgement
  • You get to learn with the best, most supportive instructors in Leicester
  • We offer kickboxing classes for all ages and levels
  • Our classes are designed for different skill levels so you don't feel pressured  
  • DMAF offers a warm family friendly environment - it's a great place to make new friends
  • DMAF kickboxing classes are constantly refined to include student feedback
  • DMAF offers a 24x7 app that students can use to practice new techniques at home 
  • DMAF Oadby & Wigston offers over 30 classes Monday - Saturday with times to suit everyone 
  • DMAF offers kids kickboxing classes, ladies kickboxing classes and mixed adult kickboxing classes 
  • DMAF offers full progression to Black Belt and beyond
  • DMAF offers a 6 week kickboxing program for beginners

Is Kickboxing in Wigston the Best Martial Arts to Learn?

There are many physical and mental health benefits from kickboxing and you don't need to be super fit or flexible to get started. If you're looking for one sport that ticks all the boxes kickboxing could be perfect for you. Here's some of the benefits:

  • Massive jumps in health and wellness. You'll be fitter, faster, more flexible and all round more confident inside and out! 
  • A fun way to de-stress and lose a few pounds at the same time - You'll learn to defend yourself, while getting fit and making friends.
  • Confidence to deal with potential confrontations - When you are more confident, you are less likely to be a victim. But if it does happen, you'll also have the skills needed to defend yourself.
  • A fun learning environment where it's easy to make new friends - You only stick at things long term that you enjoy, having likeminded friends will 1005 help with this!
  • Increased clarity and focus that comes with learning martial arts - This transfers into work, school, family life and beyond.
  • Better control of your emotions with a great outlet for anger and frustration
  • Better sleep, which is great for so many other things! 

Check out where we are and some FAQ's we often get asked about DMAF Oadby & Wigston

DMAF Oadby & Wigston


Is Parking Available?

Yes, there is onsite and easy street parking available

What Public Transport is Available?

Hop on any bus that takes you to the Oadby Parade

Are kid classes available?

Yes, we offer two different kids classes. Click on a button to find out more about classes for your child 

Are Adult Classes Available?

Yes, click on a button below to find out more about both classes

Club Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30-9pm

Saturday 7:30am-2pm

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