DMAF Kids Martial Arts

Classes 8-12 Years

Do you want your child to be confident and resilient? Able to tackle whatever life throws their way? Our martial arts program starts kids on the right track

8-12 YEARs Program

Confidence & Resilience

Watch your child's confidence grow while learning new skills, making new friends and having loads of fun...

Our proven program has already helped thousands of Leicester kids and we'd love to help yours too!

How do I know our program works? Because I was once a shy, chubby kid with zero confidence until martial arts changed my life...

Why Choose Us?


Our Martial Arts Program will give your kid more confidence to deal with bullying

Every parent faces the worry of their kid being bullied. We know, because we're parents too!
You can't protect your kids 24 x 7 but enrolling them in our kids Martial Arts Program will help increase their confidence and skills and give you peace of mind


Health benefits your child will enjoy

Body Positivity / confidence

With regular attendance you will see steady improvement in your child's health, energy, flexibility and focus. Our martial arts program enhances each child's 'sense of self' making them better equipped to handle life's challenges. As your child's body image and confidence grows they will become a less likely target for bullying at school or later in life. And if they are bullied, they will learn what to do to defend themselves

Reduced Anxiety

With regular practice your child will learn new skills that help them overcome anxiety triggers like bullying, changing hormones, or other home/school related stress

Control of Emotions

With regular practice your kid will learn effective ways to channel and manage their anger and frustration

Increased Focus

With regular attendance your child will benefit from increased focus at home and school. Our program is designed to develop each child's 'success mindset', building life-skills that will stay with them forever

martial arts skills & Laughter

Our program teaches kids the fundamentals of Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate in a fun way - we encourage our kids to laugh with themselves as they learn. This builds your child's confidence to try new things, it helps them embrace and work through frustrations, and it helps them develop a wicked sense of humour

'like-minded' friends

With regular attendance your kid will make friends with other kids who are learning the same skills and values

Try a FREE class on us

The best way for your child to experience the benefits, check out the vibe and meet other students is to try it...


Top Benefits for Parents

Less Worry

As your child's confidence grows you will feel less stress and worry about their ability to handle challenges in life. From handling bullies to perserverance with challenging tasks, our program is designed to equip your child with 'resilience' skills that will stay with them forever

Improvements in Behaviour

With regular practice you can expect to see noticeable improvements in your child's behaviour at home and at school

Peace of Mind

Our program will help your child develop and foster relationships with other kids learning the same set of values and disciplines, giving you peace of mind over who your child is 'hanging with'

Parental Support

Our kids program helps parents with the 'heavy-lifting' when it comes to instilling your kid with life-long values and a 'success mindset'. It's especially helpful for single parents or parents without an extended family network in Leicester

Health & Wellness Focus

With regular practice your child will naturally learn to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. This makes it much easier for parents to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle that will stay with your kid for life

parent Faqs

What Style of Martial Arts Do We Teach?

What style of martial arts do we teach? Our program is a modern fusion of kickboxing and freestyle karate

What is our teaching style? Parents love our unique teaching style because we make learning martial arts fun! We offer a relaxed family environment. We treat each child as an individual and help them learn at their own pace

How long is each class?

How long is each class? 45 mins

Can I watch the class? It's great to watch your child's first few classes. It gives you both the opportunity to settle in and see how things work. Once your child's settled and happy you can watch the class on CCTV so they don't get distracted

Do I need to stay for the whole class? Once we get to know you and you us, you don't need to stay for the whole class, just the beginning and end

How many classes per week are recommended? There is no fixed requirement however we recommend 2 sessions per week so your child can see and feel the progress they are making quickly...and of course, have fun outside of school and meet new friends

how much does it cost?

How much does it cost? Our membership pricing starts from £32 per month. We explain all of our membership and course program options during your Free Trial Session so you can decide which option is best for you and your child

Do you offer Family Memberships? Yes, we have family memberships available

Do I need to sign a long term contract? No, there's no contract required

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind

How Many Kids In Each Class?

How many kids are in each class? Class size varies depending on the day, time and room size. We discuss any preferences you may have for your child during your Free Trial session and guide you from there 

Are the classes mixed?  Yes, all 8-12 year classes are mixed

Are We Open In School Holidays?

Are we open in school holidays? We close for 1-2 weeks over Christmas and 1-2 weeks during summer but otherwise we are open

Are their special kids programs for school holidays? Yes, we offer special holiday programs. However numbers are limited and preference is given to kids who are existing members. We recommend that your child tries the Free Trial Session well before the holidays. If they enjoy the session you can add their name to holiday program waiting list

Locations and Parking

Do you have a location near me? We have two locations: Lutterworth and Oadby

Is parking available? Yes, both locations offer onsite parking. There is free street parking also available at both locations

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