Adults Mixed Classes

Our adults martial arts program increases your confidence, physical and mental health, while learning to defend yourself

DMAF Mixed Adults Program

Our mixed adults program caters for men and women from 13 - 65 and over, with classes for beginners through to black belt.

FREE Trial Class

Our FREE TRIAL CLASS is ideal for complete beginners who like the sound of learning martial arts but aren't quite sure what's involved and have a bunch of questions to ask. 

When you book a Free Trial Class you get to experience what's it's all about, check out our club vibe and chat with the instructors and other students. We also explain membership plans and can help you work out which option is best for you.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive club - all ages and levels of fitness are welcome! 

Free Trial Classes are available at our Lutterworth and Oadby clubs. You can book either club on the button below!

Our Beginners Course

The DMAF program is a unique blend of Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate. Whether you're completely new or have Martial Arts experience from another club, we recommend you start with our Beginner's Course, so you can learn the DMAF method, stay safe and progress quickly. Our instructors get to know you and your skill level during the program and can recommend which program is best when you're done

Haven't booked your FREE TRIAL CLASS yet? You can book it right here on the button below...

Martial Arts Skills and Fitness

Once you've completed the DMAF Beginners Course, you'll have a pretty good idea whether you want continue. we're sure you will! From here you can progress to our regular membership and become one of the family! Whichever path you choose, our instructors, membership support team and fellow students will be there to back you every step of the way

Self-Defence Classes

Our self-defence classes will help you develop the confidence to face challenging circumstances. This includes learning how to think through situations, how to defuse situations and how to defend yourself if that's required

You'll get your first taste of 'confidence' in your Free Trial Class. You can book right here on the button below:

Belt Gradings Through To Black Belt

At the heart of all DMAF Martial Arts programs is the satisfaction that comes with perseverance and achievement. We encourage all students to participate in our Belt Grading Assessments but it's not mandatory! You'll know as you progress whether grading is something you'd like to do

Our Social Club

DMAF members love our clubs because we offer a warm and friendly family environment with lots of social interaction. If you're looking to make new friends with 'like-minded' people you'll love us. Book your Free Trial Class now and check out the vibe for yourself

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The best way to experience the benefits, check out the vibe and meet other students is to try it...

Martial Arts Health Benefits

Health Benefits from DMAF Martial Arts


There are many benefits from regular practice...

Body Positivity / confidence

With regular practice you will notice your body and mind becoming stronger, making you feel more confident


With regular practice you will learn important self-defense skills that will increase your confidence in your ability to defend yourself if necessary

Stress Relief

A regular practice helps you more effectively manage stress because you will have a more effective channel for your frustration and anger at day to day challenges. You will naturally learn how to be more assertive which will help you manage difficult situations in life more effectively

Increased Focus

A regular practice will help you sleep better which will give you increased focus and generally make you more productive as you go about your day

Increased Bone Density

A regular martial arts practice will help to increase your bone density keeping your body younger as you get older

Avoid adult obesity

A regular martial arts practice will help you make better lifestyle choices. Not because you have to, but because you'll want to. This will help you avoid chronic health issues like adult obesity and diabetes. 

Make New Friends

A regular martial arts practice gives you access to a whole new family of friends who have similar values and interests

Mixed Adult Faqs

What Style of Martial Arts Do We Teach?

What style of martial arts do we teach? Our program is a modern fusion of kickboxing and freestyle karate

How long is each class?

How long is each class? Usually 1 hour

How many classes per week are recommended? There is no fixed requirement however we recommend 2 sessions per week so you can see and feel the progress quickly...and of course, have fun and meet new friends

how much does it cost?

How much does it cost? Our membership pricing starts from £32 per month. We explain all of our membership and course programs options during your Free Trial Session so you can decide which option is best for you

Do you offer Family Memberships? Yes, we have family memberships available

Do I need to sign a long term contract? No, there's no contract required

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind

Locations and Parking

Do you have a location near me? We have two locations: Lutterworth and Oadby

Is parking available? Yes, both locations offer onsite parking. There is free street parking also available at both locations

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