Martial Arts Classes in Leicester

Beginners to Black Belt


I'm Mark & these are my kids...

I was once a chubby kid with zero confidence until Martial Arts changed my life. After winning the WKA World Champs in 2008 I decided to create my own club in Leicester so I could share the benefits of MA with anyone who wants to increase confidence, fitness and have fun!

Why choose DMAF? Many MA clubs focus on either old school kata with scary instructors! Or the opposite... too much fun and no sustenance! DMAF is a social, family friendly club where we get the balance right between hard training and fun!

DMAF Kids Programs

DMAF Ninja Kids


We look after your kids like they're our own...

DMAF Ninja Kids Classes 4-7 Years


8-12 YEARS

Watch your child's confidence grow...

DMAF Kids 8-12 Years Martial Arts Classes

DMAF Adult Programs

Adult Ladies Classes

Over 13 years

Develop skills and confidence to be your best self...

DMAF Ladies Martial Arts Classes

Adult Mixed Classes

Over 13 years

Watch your confidence, resilience and fitness grow...

DMAF Adults Mixed Martial Arts Class

DMAF Program

A modern mix of kickboxing & freestyle karate