Class Discipline Procedures:

To keep things fair and consistent when dealing with any issues that arise in class we have come up with the following disciplinary procedure for in class issues. We’ve also got a complaints procedure so as a student/parent you can bring any problems/concerns to us about anything that could arise.

A disciplinary action could be needed for anything from not trying your hardest or not listening in class (minor) to verbal abuse or disrespectful conduct. Any major issues that maybe need more severe or instant dealing will be dealt with as seen fit by the main class instructor.

Should anyone do anything needing a disciplinary action the following process should be followed:

1) Verbal warning to be given first explaining what the problem is by staff member dealing with the incident.

2) Strong verbal warning explaining the new or continued problem by staff member dealing with the incident.

3) 20 Burpeez for Ninjas, 30 for kids, 40 for adults to be done by the student with a reason given by the staff member dealing with the incident – If you don’t agree you must still do it and voice your concern with the main instructor afterwards if your not happy – Any refusal to do the exercise will result in 2 mins off mat and a further chance given to do the exercise after (unless theres a physical reason you cant in which case an alternative will be given) Any cheating or refusal at this point will be followed up straight away with a doubling of the exercise and possibly moving to the next step below.

4) 5 mins time out at the side of the mats with reason given. At this point only the single main instructor can do this and must deal with all further procedures. If up to this point a helper or assistant has been dealing with it then they must pass over and explain whats happened. The student will be given a chance to give their side too.

Any further issue from this point from the same student can either result in a second 5 mins if deemed appropriate or straight to step 5.

5) Sent out of class completely for the lesson or sat at the side for the rest of the lesson depending how bad the issue or where the parents are. Serious infractions or repeated send outs could result in cancellation of membership.

This process can be changed if the offence is deemed particularly bad or not bad enough to warrant an official move!

Anything warranting a sit out at number 4 or further is to be documented by the staff member/instructor in charge so details are available at request.

When a large majority of the whole class are not trying much or listening poorly but not actually misbehaving as such, class punishments can go on a sliding scale of 10 first time, second time 20, third time 30 then the class is to be sat down and spoken to about their actions. This is only to be done by the main instructor.

Standard punishment for lateness under 5 mins is now 30 Burpeez – We will not be angry about this, but must enforce it, regardless of fault, as you must understand we often have people come late with varied really good reasons but its hard to confirm. We also have parents covering for kids which although we feel bad sometimes cant be allowed either as it has to be across the board and fair. If parents are happy to do the Burpeez in class then the child will be let off. Excessive consecutive lateness will be brought to the persons attention and may end in the refusal of entry to class. Good timekeeping is important and part of discipline and respect.

Lateness over 5 mins – Instructor is well within their rights to refuse entry to class, lateness is our main disruption and easily fixed with leaving home earlier! Instructor may allow student in but it is at the instructors discretion.

Not wearing or bringing your belt to class – 30 Burpeez. Again many a good excuse and people covering for kids but we cant allow it and must enforce. If you need a replacement belt you can buy one at reception for £5 and we will get one ordered.

Complaints Procedure:

If you as a student or parent of a student feel that you want to bring something to our attention or these procedures have been followed then please email as much detail as possible to Mark Deacon at or Charlene Deacon at outlining the problem and we can investigate and deal with the compliant appropriately. We will reply within 24 hours letting you know whats going on and for anything more serious needing an full investigation will try and resolve it asap though it may take a few days up to 2 weeks max.

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