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Successful Mindset Through Martial Arts

So Does Your Child Have A Successful Mindset?How To Gain A Successful Mindset Through Martial Arts!I’m going to tell a bit of a story, but stay with me and read it, as it will demonstrate the great mindset you can get for your child through Martial Arts!It firstly started the other day when I finally […]

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What Do You Specialise In?

What Do You Specialise In? Kids Martial Arts Classes? Adults? Ladies? I always say you can’t be everything to everyone. With that in mind, I don’t believe that every club/instructor can cater perfectly for every student. Yes you can offer classes for all and be inclusive and all can benefit from what you offer. But […]

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Would Kickboxing Suit You Better Than Martial Arts Training?

Would Kickboxing Suit You Better Than Martial Arts Training? If you want to get fitter and healthier and be able to defend yourself, martial arts training would be the first thing to pop into your head. But if this isn’t quite your thing, maybe kickboxing would be a better option. There are some clear similarities between the […]

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How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Child’s Self-Confidence!

How martial arts can improve your child’s self-confidence? Perhaps we need to define the meaning of self-confidence first. As a simple definition it’s the belief in yourself and your abilities. This belief is what drives you to become successful whether it’s at school, in your career or any other part of your life. Self-confidence in […]

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Are You Really the Person to Learn Martial Arts?

​Are You Really the Person to Learn Martial Arts?Can you really imagine yourself standing in a class practising the moves that could earn you one of those prized belts, wanting to learn martial arts?Let me tell you, lots of people who have successfully completed our martial arts training felt very out of place to start […]

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Kids Sport Karate and Kickboxing Leicester

Would you like to give your child the chance to develop more confidence with our Kids Kickboxing Classes?​Deacons Martial Arts Can help you build your child’s confidence beyond recognition with our great Kids Kickboxing Program ​ ​Our kids kickboxing classes can give your child the skills, fitness, discipline and everything else they need to become strong. It […]

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The Advantages of Having Better Reflexes

The Advantages of Having Better Reflexes Few of us really pay attention to our reflexes. The only time we’re likely to think of them is if we try to catch something. Then miss it because we weren’t quite quick enough to get there. A situation like this is going to make us think of how […]

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Defending Yourself? That’s Just a Bonus with Martial Arts

Defending Yourself? That’s Just a Bonus with Martial Arts If we were to ask the people who attend our martial arts classes why they wanted to start learning this discipline, self-defence would be pretty high up the list of answers. It’s easy to understand why. Although most of us will go through life never having […]

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Why Take Two Martial Arts Classes a Week?

Why Take Two Martial Arts Classes a Week? Most people have plenty of commitments in the average week. They could involve taking the kids to and from school, as well as going to work and taking care of everything at home. If your average week looks a lot like this, you’re probably wondering how you can […]

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Martial Arts for the Mind – How can it help?

Martial Arts for the Mind Martial arts are usually thought of as disciplines that help exercise the body – building muscle, building strength and developing good form and balance. They can also help you defend yourself should you ever need to. But few people ever think of taking up martial arts in order to focus […]

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