Martial Arts Training In Leicester

Are you getting the most out of your Martial Arts Training in Leicester?

Only 31% of our students are making the most of their training!

What we’ve found is those who train twice or more per week have a much higher standard and are much more likely to achieve there grades than those on one class a week. Simply including a sparring session or extra technique class to the routine offers so much more character development to students.

That means 69% of students aren’t making the most of their training!

While we offer the one class a week to help you get started, by the time you get to your Orange Belt we would expect to see you training more often to get the best results!

We appreciate you are busy but have a look at our new timetable (insert link here) and plan for February and beyond. Have a think about your training and what you want to achieve.

I know finances can be an issue but look at it like this, it’s only £17 a month extra to go from one class a week to unlimited! Thats only 56p per day. Saving you money on one or 2 extra training sessions. With the Unlimited Training package you also get full use of the other dojo to train outside of class times with other students to help broaden your skills and improve your confidence. The other dojo will be monitored by a training assistant and selected advanced students to give you the best support during your extra training.

I am committed to improving the club to help you become high achieving students with high training standards. Martial Arts have taught me more in life than any other avenue of formal education; motivation, perseverance, confidence, the drive to succeed. I will stop now before it turns into an awards speech! haha. You get the point anyway!!

I am clearing my diary so I can offer more training for helpers and film lots of exclusive training plans, and nutrition blogs to  help you, as a committed member, achieve more and work on any weaknesses when not in class. Increasing our fitness standards improves our club standards and raises our life standards.

Message me the classes you want to add to your schedule to help get the most out of your training.

Kind Regards,


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