Adults Kickboxing Leicester - DMAF Can help you get fighting fit!

Adults Kickboxing Leicester

Gain Confidence With DMAF's Great Adults Kickboxing Program in Oadby, Leicester

We cater for all shapes and sizes in a non intimidating environment. Meaning we can get you where you want to be. Without intimidation or an increased risk of injury.

Looking to take up a new hobby or want to be the next big thing?

Our specifically designed session will definitely be of benefit to you. We've helped many local people just like you turn their lives into more productive healthy ones, we've even created a couple of champions along the way.

If your looking for classes in Adults Kickboxing Leicester then your in the right place. Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness can help you succeed.

DMAF was formed to help others get healthier, happier, more confident and most importantly improve their lives through the vehicle of martial arts.

Kickboxing has helped me ​massively in my life and I love passing these benefits onto others. Through hard work and quality Kickboxing classes we can develop you into a lean, mean, confidence machine!

We have professionally filmed technique videos along with drills and skills. This supplements what you do in class and gives you the option to train at home.

Our state of the art venue will help you along the way. We have a comfortable waiting area​ with free wifi and hot drinks available for your downtime. We have a fully matted dojo and loads of equipment to help you reach all your goals.

Our helpful team of instructors are there to help you hit all your targets. We look forward to working with you. :)​

Adults Kickboxing Leicester - Try our classes free for a week​!

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