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Are you looking to improve your children's confidence or even your own? Wanting to be more successful, fitter, healthier and more resilient?

I realised as a parent how scary life really is! My Children's Confidence is now of paramount importance!

Hi I’m Mark Deacon, owner and chief instructor here at Deacons Martial Arts. I started martial arts when I was younger doing a mix of Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing. Partly because I thought it was cool. Though more honestly because I was overweight, unconfident and basically unsure about everything in life! I needed to improve my confidence as it had taken a knock. Once I got over the initial worry about starting and jumped in, I loved it.

From there I went from strength to strength in my school, college work, and therefore personal life. I started having more confidence, loved the art form of what I did and subsequently started to do well in competitions too!

Then the highlight of my time was winning the 2008 WKA World championships in Orlando.

It was a great time and my biggest achievement in life to that point. It's amazing what's achievable when Children's Confidence Skyrockets and they develop into adulthood.

This is until my first daughter was born in March 2016. Then I realised as a parent how scary life really is! haha. I now want my Children's Confidence to boom and will be enrolling them as soon as they are old enough.

Children's Confidence

I wanted to help people like me Improve Children's Confidence In Leicester

Through Martial Arts as a vehicle to do so.

By making sure there was a place people could go, to help guide their children's through to adulthood. Therefore helping other people succeed in life and helping others do what I did and transform their confidence. Furthermore to have people tell stories like mine, of finding this thing that helped them become who they are today. Thats why I set up our Martial Arts, Karate and Kickboxing programmes. With exactly that in mind, developing children's confidence in Leicester. This is how we can help you walk this proven path to success.

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DMAF Has Improved My Children's Confidence Massively

has started doing Martial Arts and Sparring with Mark I have noticed that he is far more focused, less distracted and more confident. Therefore more equipped in dealing with bullish, negative children at school! I would thoroughly recommend DMAF to any parent who would like to help with their child's confidence, strength and physical ability x

Children's Confidence in leicester
Teena tailor                 

Deacons Martial Arts is an excellent family run business in Leicestershire

Mark has set up a superb kickboxing gym in his new establishment and the club continues to go from strength to strength. Mark is a fantastic coach and lovely bloke. He is great with both kids and adults, and understands the finer points of working with people to achieve their goals. Whether you want to earn a black belt, fight competitively, or just get fit and lose weight, Mark can help you. An expert in nutrition and fitness and offers transformation challenges for those wanting to get fit, as well as various kickboxing classes, for all ages and levels. I joined the club a year and half ago after searching for a local club and it's honestly the best decision I could've made.

DMAF Student Confidence
Celeste Currie                 
DMAF Have Created A Great Atmosphere Where Chldren's Confidence Can Thrive
DMAF Family Confidence
Amanda Tailor                 

My son and I both do classes at DMAF - we love it!Kids Martial Arts Classes have a lot of energy and are aimed at the younger age group, with lots of games to hold their attention. The adults Martial Arts Classes with a great mix of Karate and Kickboxing have a great balance of Martial Arts techniques, cardio workouts, and sparring training. Mark and Charlene are really friendly and are always looking for new ways to improve the club. Would definitely recommend!

DMAF Student Review 4
Alexandra Patel                 

Transformation in every sense.... Not just a case of looking better and thinner thanks to the transformation challenge, but feel better mentally and also thanks to the kickboxing classes I can safely say as a survivor of domestic violence- I will never be intimidated again! The best thing I ever did was join DMAF!

DMAF Review
Sonal Gadhia                 

Me and my son (6years old) joined the club last year. My son loves it. Great coach with an awesome attitude (especially for kids). There an awesome atmosphere and friendly people attending. If you thinking of starting training (yourself and/or your kids) then look no further, just come for classes at DMAF!!! See you at the club - Michal & Blazej

Michal Bumbul                 

My daughter (9) absolutely loves this place. Her self esteem and confidence has sky rocketed since and her fitness is amazing now, since joining DMAF's Martial Arts Classes.

Steve Billingham                 

Mark is very supportive, patient, and approachable, yet professional and clearly an expert in his knowledge and skills. It is encouraging to meet with someone in this profession who is sincere and passionate.

Sally Talents                 

My boys aged 5 and 6 have been coming to Mark for karate lessons for a year and a half now and they absolutely love it. DMAF is really friendly, with lessons good fun but very disciplined as well. They have made some great friends outside of school and are steadily working their way up the grades, children are encouraged to work hard but they aren't pressured to do so. I would highly recommend Deacons Martial Arts to anyone thinking of learning Karate in Leicester.

Sarah Greaves                 

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