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Bootcamp Leicester: Do You Need More Than a Fitness Class?

Bootcamp Leicester: Do You Need More Than a Fitness Class?

There are plenty of benefits to attending fitness classes. However, some people
don’t have the drive required to show up each week and attend a regular class with
other people. Sometimes, the sofa beckons and there are too many reasons and
excuses why it’s best not to go.
That’s why we provide a bootcamp Leicester option too. This is targeted at helping you
achieve your physical goals. Many people who attend the bootcamps lose weight
(sometimes a significant amount), not to mention going down a dress size or two in
the process.
These classes are more frequent than just once a week, too. This means it is easier
to keep on the straight and narrow, encouraging you to achieve the goals we can
set for you. If you take part in a bootcamp Leicester, you’ll attend three classes each week.
That means you’ll only ever have two or three days in between classes at most. It’s
much easier to stay focused and to achieve what you want to achieve with a
framework like this to follow.
If you’d like to attend prior to work, we run a 6am bootcamp Leicester that may well suit you.
We also have one at 9.30am, and there’s a third at 8pm. This gets rid of the idea
that you cannot possibly join because you can’t fit the classes into your life. You
might be surprised what you get when you do make this commitment!
And did we mention the social events you’ll get access to when you join one of our
bootcamps? It’s not just a question of turning up three times a week. You’ll make
new friends; look forward to new challenges that will test your mental and physical
prowess, and much else besides.
Get in touch now to find out more about our next bootcamp Leicester and what it can do for

About the Author Mark Deacon

Owner and Chief Instructor of Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness in Oadby, Leicester.