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Watch How Martial Arts Helped Me Succeed In Life And How We Now Help Others Become Champions In Life Too!

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Developing Confident Children Through Our Martial Arts Programs, Who Develop Into Successful Adults

Martial Arts Leicester - Do You Want Your Child To Be A Confident, Successful Adult?

Martial Arts Leicester

Worried About Your Child Getting Bullied And Want To Do Something About It?

Martial Arts Leicester

Concerned About Their Health And Need Something For Them To Do?

Kickboxing Leicester

Lacking Discipline and Respect and think some structure may help?

Kickboxing Leicester

We Can Help You At DMAF Leicester!

Our proven system has already helped many local kids in Leicester at both our DMAF Oadby and Deacons Martial Arts Lutterworth Academies. Designed to turn children into confident people. Who also don’t get bullied and are respectful, fit and strong. Thus helps them to become successful in their everyday lives.

You may only be searching for a local club, but we provide so much more than basic training! Giving transformational life change, as a result of increased confidence and character development! Training in the Arts steered my life to a more successful path, rather than where I was heading. Therefore I wanted to develop a system to help others to get life changing results like mine.

So I created the DMAF system and opened up DMAF Oadby, Leicester. Designed to use Martial Arts to develop people into the best version of themselves. We do this through structured sessions, working through barriers and gaining achievements. Furthermore we get to know each student well and develop there individual strengths. We also work on their weaknesses - not only the physical, but mentally. As a result, their confidence skyrockets!

Our Martial Arts Programs;

We have 4-7 year olds in our DMAF Ninjas. DMAF kids for 8-12 year olds as well as our DMAF Adults and our DMAF Ladies all of which you can book a free trial of through the book a free week now button! So if your thinking of Martial Arts in Leicester for your child - Think DMAF!

What our clients say

Quality Martial Arts And Kickboxing Classes, To Give Your Child A Great Confidence Boost In Oadby, Leicester

DMAF have age specific classes and teaching methods. This ensures all students learn the most possible in their time with us. Therefore, helping them to develop faster. We have a full time, state of the art facility, as a result you have the best time in class. Providing a top class environment is important to us. Proud to provide all the equipment and support you will need to succeed. Fast paced, fun, and competitive. Our classes give your child a fun workout. This enables them to become fit, strong and healthy. While developing them into champions in life.

We are proud of what we do here!

The biggest part of what we do is help to create strong, confident and resilient children. Thus setting them up with the best possible chance of success in life. How many board members or business owners have you met who aren't confident and resilient? Therefore DMAF is uniquely suited. As we have this in mind with all our planning. Also we're not here to just teach you moves, but to also change your lives for the better.

Furthermore, we have professionally shot instructional videos. These are all on our dedicated online training system. Which help to supplement your classes, thus making it even easier to succeed! These are an amazing help for supplementing training. Each move and combination is thoroughly broken down and explained. Along with explanations of how to fix common mistakes. You can go through it in your own time and really develop at your own pace.

So finally, when your thinking of joining a local Martial Arts club come try a free trial with us and you wont look back.

DMAF Martial Arts Leicester - Giving Back To The Local Community

Martial Arts Leicester
What Sets Us Out From Other Martial Arts Clubs In Leicester?

Why Us? Whats Unique About Us?

For me we are different not because we have our own full time facility. Also not the 30 plus classes a week. Or our age specific and ability specific classes. Rather its our approach to teaching.

What makes us a great Club and most of all unique, is our Standards!

Standard of Students, of Facility, of Teaching, Of Care and Level of Support! You're not just a number here! Because we care for all our students on so many levels. Not only this but we continually try to improve every one of these aspects. We do this because we not only want to be the best we can be but want our students to be the best too. Therefore our students can be proud of where they come from...DMAF.

With this at our forefront, most of our new students come through referral. Showing we're doing a great job, and we plan to continue this way for a long time to come... So jump on board or fall further behind!

DMAF Oadby, Leicester

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love our program's, that if after 30 days you don’t think its for you, we will refund you every penny you’ve spent with us!

Online Martial Arts Training From Home!

To back up what we teach in class we have an amazing online training portal.

We have our full training syllabus filmed, belt by belt. Broken down into easily actionable steps. We have even taught with kids in mind! Therefore rather than confusing, complex language its all easy to follow for kids too. Thus making it so much easier to succeed. Because you can supplement your classes with short, easy to follow videos at home.

On top of this we break down common faults and easy ways to fix them. We teach you, the parent, how to spot any physical barriers as they come up. Things like leg strength, flexibility, and other issues. Then theres additional programs and videos to help address this. Programs to develop power for martial arts kicks, jump kicks, and more. You can literally learn from the comfort of your own home! We have workout plans, flexibility plans, core strength and obviously the Martial Arts Teaching itself.

I realised we have something so unique in our online training,

 when kids who followed the videos started to outshine those who didn't! Thats when we decided to launch our syllabus and online training worldwide. This way we can further support our students in our local club. This is because we are re filming the whole lot, with nearly double the content! So every grade, every drill, every pad combo, fitness, flexibility the lot.

On top of the new content it will all be delivered in a way that kids can understand. The parents will have separate videos to help them teach their kids and fix common faults. Videos on how to use martial arts training to develop confidence. We are super proud of what's to come to say the least.

DMAF Martial Arts, Leicester

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Success Stories From Some Of Our Local Students!

Rajan Bachra -  Rajan joined our classes when she was just 11, when we first opened. Initially she was a shy, not overly confident girl but was hard working from day one. Over the years she has come on so far. Sometimes she's cried, sometimes she's been injured but from her training she's learned never to quit. Rajan is no longer the 11 year old that started, she's a confident adult who takes our ladies only classes. She's a black belt, leads by example, and stands proudly teaching full classes. Rajan's also Recently won an award at the Oadby and Wigston council junior sports awards. The award was for coach of the year after the amazing job she does with the kids and adults at DMAF

Oadby Sports Awards

Olivia Gisborn -  Like Rajan, Olivia has been with us years and was also one of our first Black Belts. Olivia has also just recently won Junior coach of the year at the Oadby and Wigston Junior Sports Awards. She has been taking part in classes with us for over 5 years now and helps coach our DMAF Ninjas Classes in Oadby. A lot of the kids look up to Livvy as she's so hard working, leads by example and also trains in a lot of the classes as well as coaching. We are really lucky at DMAF to have such a  great team of staff and helpers.

Dante Nunez -  Has been with us for 4 years now and is one step away from black belt. He hopes to achieve his target of gaining his black belt before he turns 10. If Dante succeeds he will be our youngest ever black belt and fingers crossed if he sticks to the plan laid out before him he should achieve that goal! Dante was also nominated for an award at the Oadby and Wigston sports awards but unfortunately didn't win. Although its a great honour just to be nominated so well done to him.

If you would like to get amazing benefits like this for yourself or your child then get in touch. It might not happen overnight but these guys show that with great guidance and hard work that anything is achievable in life.

Double Your Childs Confidence In Weeks - Book Your Free Class Now

Disclaimer - DMAF accepts no responisbility for any possible adverse effects. We cannot accept responsibility for any injury due to training in our sessions.

DMAF cannot guarantee results or any claims made on our site, for example: We know that often confidence will increase but cannot guarantee this for every participant.

DMAF are recognised through the leading government body WAKO GB