The Truth about the Black Belt

The Truth about the Black Belt

Think of martial arts and you may think of someone with a black belt. We’ve all heard this but it can put you off seriously considering getting involved. After all, if you know nothing about martial arts how can you ever imagine you would end up with a black belt?

Let’s break this down a little further. It’s true the black belt is the pinnacle of achievement in martial arts training. If you see someone with a black belt you know they will have earned it. There is a saying however that goes something like this: The journey is better than the destination. There’s a lot of truth in that and it does in some ways relate to learning martial arts too.

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You have to consider the position you will be starting from. You won’t know anything about martial arts, other than the sometimes-unrealistic things you’ll have seen on television. You may wonder if you are the kind of person who will be suited to this discipline (I’ve got news for you – most people can do it if they put their mind to it).

In reality, the black belt will be several years down the road if you persevere and practise martial arts training on a regular basis. But that isn’t the goal for many people. Some will simply want to learn martial arts to protect themselves if they should ever need to. Others will want to learn a discipline that helps them in a variety of different ways, both physically and mentally. In truth the black belt is probably far from most people’s minds when they first start looking into taking up this sport.

As such it doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal for you either. You may eventually achieve it but it would be an added bonus in many ways.

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