Martial Arts Skills

The cute nine-year-old walked on stage to an echo of “awwww” from the audience who maybe thought they were about to watch a sweet little performance from the little lady – but they had no idea what they were in for.

After some encouraging words from the panel, Jesse immediately put her game face on as the judges watched in shock as she showed off her amazing martial arts skills which left no-one uncertain that this little girl was not to be messed with.

The theatre audience and the judges were up on their feet applauding Jesse’s audition with Ant shouting from the wings: “That was brilliant Jesse!” before telling his side-kick Dec, “Well, you’ve got to keep on her good side don’t you?”

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Simon Cowell asked her: “Would you like a job as my security guard?”

Jesse told the judges that she used to do ballet and Irish dancing but it was martial arts that she really loved, with David Walliams telling her she could certainly be a future Olympic star with her amazing talent.

“You are one to watch,” said Alesha Dixon. “That was absolutely incredible.”

Simon added: “For your next performance you could have two tiny villains in your routine that you could beat up.” – referring to Ant & Dec, who didn’t seem too fussed on the idea.

With four yes votes Jesse left the stage as Simon commented: “You wouldn’t mess with her, would you?” Indeed Simon.

Elsewhere, Ant & Dec found their golden buzzer act in dance group Boyband who wowed the audience and the judges with their acrobatic routine to the hit song Uptown Funk.

Alesha told the five-piece: “That was sensational, it was so confident and there was great energy from all of you.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” admitted Amanda Holden, who thought they were a singing group. “You are definitely what we are looking for on this show.”

Simon added: “You are the future and I’ve got the best feeling about you.”

Mum-of-five Becky O’Brien also got the judges excited following her stunning rendition of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ from The Wizard Of Oz.

With all of her children cheering from the audience, Becky was left teary eyed at the judges comments, with David describing her performance as “stunning”.

“Wow,” said Simon. “Your voice is so beautiful and authentic. It was full of emotion. I love making this show because it’s where we find people like you.”

Also tugging on the viewers’ heartstrings was 12-year-old Henry Gallagher who explained to the panel that he was going to perform a song he had written about a girl he has a crush on, but she doesn’t even know he exists.

His self-penned song ‘Lightening’ immediately had the audiences up on their feet as the judges were amazed by the talent onstage.

“She’s going to have to go out with you now!” David told Henry, who refused to name the object of his affections.

“You are so talented and I could see that song shooting to the top of the charts. You are like a little Olly Murs.”

Simon added: “With a little bit of work that song could be a hit. You are really talented.”

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