Martial Arts Mentality – Make Yourself Unstoppable

Martial Arts Mentality - Make Yourself Unstoppable

The thing with Martial Arts and other Combat Sports that put people off is that its hard, it hurts, its scary!

I want to help people understand why thats a good thing and how it makes you unstoppable!

Lets be honest life is hard, life hurts and life is scary! But we still carry on!

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I feel the Martial Arts Mentality is uniquely suited to help you in life

The reason being that so many life lessons will be learned in training. You work towards little goals in the form of belts. These get increasingly more difficult and each has its own challenge. You overcome each one and you get more confident in your ability to get over a hurdle and achieve.

Not many other sports have such a structure! Then throw in the discipline and respect elements that are in the core values of Martial Arts. These are also often missing in todays society, its a wonder everyone doesn’t take part!

The physical training itself develops character, builds strength, flexibility, and more importantly heart. More importantly the ability to carry on when it gets tough. So you get fitter, healthier, mentally hardier and much more confident in your own physical ability.

But for me, you know the biggest thing Martial Arts and Combat sports have one any other sport!?

Sparring - Its where you basically put on some safety equipment and practice the moves on each other, like a controlled fight. This is where the magic happens. This is where the Martial Arts Mentality is therefore Formed!

Martial Arts Mentality

Sparring is massively fun and great competition. Though you get hit, you get upset, you lose, and it can at times feel like your never getting anywhere. Then without realising it your better than you were, you improve each week and become more confident, then even win a couple of matches! Therefore in a few short months you’ve learned what it is to lose, what it is to get hit, how tough and upsetting it can get. Then pushed through, and providing you’ve not given up, you’ve grown! You’ve grown into a tough resilient person who knows how to lose and get back up, to push thought and then succeed in spite of the odds!

Carry this over into life and you will be unstoppable with the Martial Arts Mentality!

The confidence, discipline, respect, resilience and ability to lose and get back up and keep on pushing. You will be pretty unstoppable in my book!

Anyway if you take part in martial arts or combat sports already - Don't give up - Ever!

Not yet doing the best sport/hobby/pastime/obsession there possibly is?

Get in touch and book a free class! If not with us then someone else, you wont regret it.

About the Author Mark Deacon

Owner and Chief Instructor of Deacons Martial Arts and Fitness in Oadby, Leicester.

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