DMAF Class Rules

Class Rules:

This set of rules are laid out in order to benefit you as students and make sure your training is effective and enjoyable, please help us do this by maintaining the correct attitude during classes and by always trying your hardest.


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Please don’t lean on the walls or sit on the floor unless asked to do so by the main Instructor.


Please don’t hit bags/pads/equipment unless its part of your training and you’ve been asked to by the main Instructor.


Keep away from behind the hanging bags where the weights etc are unless asked to do so by the main Instructor, this is for your own safety.


If you need water please wait until a water break is given, don’t just walk off, or politely ask when its a good time. During sparring raise your hand between rounds to get the Instructors attention.


You can go toilet at any time if you need, we just ask you go before class so as to try not to disrupt the session. If you need to go in Ninjas or Kids classes, please ask so we know where you are.


Be respectful to other Students, Helpers, Reception Staff and Instructors. (everyone basically!)


Please Be respectful of the facilities provided (Including Toilets!) and tidy up after yourself!


Do not leave class without permission, we need to keep people safe and know where they are so you must ask before you go out.


Please don’t talk amongst yourselves during class or talk when the instructor is talking, we are their to teach so you need to listen. (I’m all up for a bit of banter but when its time to work we work!)

We will look to continually develop and improve our services and practice etc so if you feel anything needs to be added to this please let us know.

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