“The Secret To Creating A Confident Child and Developing A Successful Adult

DMAF - “Developing Confident, Successful Adults, Through Quality Martial Arts in Leicester”

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How Martial Arts Helped Me Succeed In Life

Martial Arts Leicester

Do you want your child to be a confident successful adult?

Martial Arts Leicester

Worried about your child getting bullied?

Martial Arts Leicester

Need something for them to do or worried about their health?

Martial Arts Leicester

Lacking in discipline and respect?

We can help you at Deacons Martial Arts Leicester. With our proven martial arts system thats helped many local kids. Designed to develop children into confident people. Who don’t get bullied, are respectful, fit, strong and successful in life.

Since Martial Arts steered my life to a more successful path. I wanted to develop a system to help others use martial arts as a way to succeed as well. Uniquely suited to develop people into the best version of themselves. We get to know each student well and develop their strengths. While we also work on their weaknesses. Not just physically but mentally. As a result their confidence skyrockets.

Martial Arts Leicester - DMAF Giving local children the confidence to succeed in the future.

What our clients say

Quality martial arts, to give your child a fun workout

Professionally shot instructional videos. All on our online training system to supplement your classes, therefore making it even easier to succeed.

Age specific classes and teaching methods to ensure all students learn the most possible in their time with us. Therefore helping them to develop faster than our competitors.

Full time, state of the art facility, to ensure you have the best time in class. We have a top class environment, with all the equipment needed.

Fast paced, fun, and competitive, with quality martial arts. To give your child a fun workout. Therefore making them fit, strong and healthy. While developing them into champions in life.

Deacons Martial Arts Leicester​ - Giving Back To The Local Community

Martial Arts Leicester

30 Day money back Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love our program, that if after 30 days you don’t think its for you, we will refund you every penny you’ve spent with us!

So if you want to get on the train to success book your free week trial now.